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What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing refers to marketing goods and services through digital portals or mediums. Thanks to the modern era, everything and anything you want to buy is just one click away. Digital advertising has changed the views of traditional methods of marketing a product. With more people becoming technology friendly, the number of advertisements is reported to be viewed from online. Even before watching a YouTube channel, advertisements have to be watched, and some advertisements cannot be skipped even. Social Medias are a powerful channel through which marketing is carried out.

Advantages of digital marketing.

1) 24/7 availability:

One of the advantages of digital marketing is that the services are available any time of the day. Time zones do not matter here. Even if you have to travel to another Country, the online marketing services are available any time. The Customer can read reviews before purchasing a product. They can give their positive as well as negative feedbacks as well.

2) Customize products:

The feature of customizing a product according to the whims and fancies of the customer makes this scheme more attractive.

3) Social Media’s:

As mentioned earlier, Social Media is a powerful channel for advertising products. Favourite products that get shared by one consumer is viewed by many others. For example, if a person on Instagram, decides to blog on food. If she/ he blogs about the food eaten from his/her favourite restaurant, then indirectly that restaurant is promoted and might get more visitors. Similarly, there are options to rate your favourite clothing brands or food outlets; this makes the online viewers more aware of the different options they have available. Facebook and YouTube have more than 128 million users together. With the spread of modern technology everywhere, digitalization is a future.

4) Target customers in real time:

The advantage of digital marketing is that you get to know your customers very well. The type of customers, their age, taste and preference can all be recorded in real time. Using offline mediums, it is not possible to know your target audience.

5) Cost effective:

Digital marketing is anyhow cheaper than offline methods. In online marketing, it is possible to contact your customers any time of the day. Once an advertisement is made, it remains right there for a long time, at least till the owner wishes to take it off or unless the product gets replaces by a new product. In case of newspapers, for example, advertising cost would be very high and would vary according to the priority of the page you want to showcase your add. It is not necessary that a particular person who would need that product should see the advertisement at that time. It is difficult to store the advertisement for a later need also. Through online methods, you can even check the availability of the product at a later stage,

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